About the 8 Stages of the Cycle of Achievement

There are eight stages in the Cycle of Achievement. When you are building anything new that you haven’t done before such as growing your business you will go through each of the stages. Most of us get stuck at one or two of the stages and it’s kind of a habit but we don’t see it. It’s just frustrating because we aren’t making the progress we want.  In the Mastermind Program we focus specifically on the stages where you get stuck or slow down.

Questions you can answer to find out which are the stage or stages in the Cycle of Achievement where you habitually get stuck.

1. Are you free to dream about what you want  for your business and life or are you constrained by your expectations, others expectations or social pressures? It all begins with what you want and dream of having.  Big results and successful businesses require your dreams and imagination.

2. Can you choose what you dream of having and decide you are going to make it happen or are you stopped by doubt and fear?  If you cannot whole heartedly choose what you dream of and imagine having and make it the most important thing in your life you won't succeed at building it.

3. Can you craft powerful goals that inspire you all the way through to fulfillment or do your goals get worn out halfway through? Designing goals is not easy.  They must be extremely specific and at the same time not loose the inspiration that originally had you decide to take it on.

4. Are you able to design a fully executable plan that if followed unquestionably leads you to the outcome you want?  This requires a thorough planning process including a careful assessment of all the resources needed and scaling and conditioning your goals to ensure success. 

5. Can you dig in and do the work of your plan and stay the course before the results show up?   This is where 'the rubber meets the road' and requires managing yourself and your team to stay the course and follow the plan you've laid out.

6. Are you able to easily and quickly course correct when you are stalled without feeling bad about not achieving the plan? Your initial plan was most likely missing some important information and your best guess at the timeline is probably off.  This stage requires you to stop working and re-scale, re-think and re-plan the project in order to succeed.

7.  Can you keep going when it gets tough?  In this state you and your team must go to work as never before.  Do what needs to be done even when you don't want to.

8.  When you finally succeed, can you stop and realize your success, get feedback, celebrate and then let it go and move on?  In this stage you wrap-up everything. It's time to celebrate your success and transition into a State of Maintenance