Eroca Lowe

           Eroca Lowe

Eroca Lowe provides over 25 years of expertise helping businesses enhance performance, improve efficiency, and increase productivity. She’s honed her incisive understanding of effective leadership, working with senior-level executives at Fortune 500 companies such as Bell Atlantic, Proctor and Gamble, PG&E, Lasmo, and MacMillan Bloedel.

Now, Eroca brings her valuable education from the corporate world to independent entrepreneurs, business owners, and professionals. With a keen ability to identify strategic improvements that are both immediately useful and have lasting impact, Eroca helps businesspeople sharpen their focus into clear, decisive action steps that lead to success.

Driven to achieve the best for both herself and her clients, Eroca is uniquely qualified to teach others how to make their business dreams come true. After completing a BS in Biology and Chemistry, as well as post-graduate studies, Eroca felt the need to pursue education beyond the classroom and delve into new philosophies. She determined to find a more direct route to quench her thirst for education than traditional textbooks, coursework, and lectures.

Her interests in productivity and accelerated learning methodology drove her to find out all she could from great thinkers like* Peter Drucker, Paulo Coelho, Warren Buffet, and Malcolm Gladwell, among many others. “Each philosophy offers its unique value—its edge.” Eroca has culled the gems of wisdom from some of our culture’s greatest resources and distilled the essence so she can pass it along to others. She’s done the research so you don’t have to!

Having gained a deep understanding of communication, performance, management, working in your area of strength, embodying your brand, and honoring your value, Eroca has what it takes to guide professionals into effective leadership and decision making. She brings together the best from each field in a concise, clear, and straightforward manner to help you be your best and inspire success. Eroca is committed to helping you move your business ahead now for accelerated outcomes today.