Why is it Critical for Our Happiness and Our Success to "Design" Our Year?

If we aren't at work on building the dreams and aspirations we have for our lives and our businesses they probably aren't going to happen.

One of the problems is there are more fascinating, intriguing, thrilling and curious things to do today than ever before in the history of humankind and we want to do most if not all of them.

Ten minutes easily turns into an hour when we’re catching up with friends on facebook or reading twitter…not to mention reading the news.  Forget email.  Who doesn’t have an inbox filled with unread emails that will most likely never be read or responded to?  Who doesn’t have a coffee table, bed-side table or book shelf filled with books they want to read, but likely never will?  We resort to listening to only the most highly recommended books on Audible while we are out hiking or on the cross-trainer at home or we read kindle or ibooks on the ferry as we commute to work. There are business courses, personal development programs and conferences we want to attend….but how can we fit them into our schedule?

There are many more exercise programs and different sports to participate in than ever before.  I just found out about land paddling.  I’d only ever seen people paddle boarding in the surf while on vacation in Hawaii. Now, you can land paddle down the street in front of your house, too. Who knew?

Simply staying in touch with friends and family can be hard.  We are busy.  They are busy.  When was the last time you had a good conversation with someone who’s really important to you in your life?

Can you get my point?  There is so much more to choose from than ever before and you can’t do it all. That’s right. We can’t do it all and people who say you can are living in a dream world, not the real world.

So, what can we do about it and what are we going to do about it?

Before we resolve this problem, let's clarify further.

IT'S WORSE THAN YOU THINK: Our time is limited.

We are not going to get another “today” or “yesterday."  We say, “see you next time” or “we’ll get together next month or year”, but when will that be? For some of us who say these things, there isn’t going to be a next time.

It’s good to understand that how we use our time, what we give our time to, directly impacts our experience of life.  It determines the areas where we will succeed. It defines the arenas where we will have our greatest accomplishments.

What we give our time to today determines our achievements and successes down the road. Everyone knows that exercising today contributes to their health and vitality next week and so on.  How we use our time today and tomorrow does matter.

Time is really the most limiting factor in our lives.


Many of us have grown up watching television over the years. Television programs have 29 second or 56 second commercials every 4 minutes or so. Non-commercial television is relatively new in our lives. Over time our nervous systems have adjusted to interruptions at that frequency. It’s easy to be distracted…our attention grabbed by something else. It could be anything around us, other people, cell phones…even ourselves. Yes, we will distract ourselves. 


 Being easily distracted, having limited time and with more things to do than ever before, how are we going to fulfill the dreams we have for our lives?  There is a good chance they will never happen.

 A VIABLE SOLUTION:   We could consciously choose what our year is going to be about.

We could create a plan or pathway to guide the use of our time and the other resources we have.  We could choose our areas of growth.  We could go to work on building the dreams and aspirations we have for our lives in an intentional and focused manner.

Yes, we are going to get distracted. However, if we have a plan it becomes a reference point to see when we stray off course. A plan can help up get back on track.  When we are interrupted or a whim grabs our attention we have a way to recover.  

That is why we recommend doing a design process to consciously create your year.