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Congratulations! You're in!

You've taken the first bold step toward having much bigger results in 2015. Taking time at the beginning of the year to carefully determine what the year ahead will be about is one of the most important things you can do for your business, your family and yourself. During the workday you will think through the many things you want achieve and identify how much of it will happen in 2015. 

In appreciation for signing up early, here are your Thank you Gifts.

No. 1 - Performance Feedback Questionnaire


You can download the form and begin working on it now. Take time over the Holidays to answer all the questions. Be sure to bring it with you to your workday. The key reason we begin the design process with a review of your performance is to help determine the ares of your true strengths. Peter Drucker believed that the best source of information about your strengths comes from feedback analysis, which involves a review of your performance against your plan. We will discuss this further during the workday. Your Performance Feedback pages will become part of your Design Book for 2015.


No 2 - Free Pass to the Pre-Event Webinar.

This live webinar will help you prepare to get the most out of this intensive design process. We will review what you need to bring with you as well as what to expect during the workday.

We will be offering the Pre-Event Webinar on two different days in January. They are Thursday, January 8th at 7pm or Tuesday, January 13th at 6pm.

Please select the best time and day and put it in your January schedule.

The links will be sent to you early January.

No 3 - Free Pass To A Post-Event Webinar.

This webinar will take place about one to two weeks following the workdays. It's designed to support you with the implementation of your action plans that you design during the workday.

You will be given details at the workday about this webinar.

If you have questions, I'd love to year from you. Call  or text 415.305.7252 or email

Please invite anyone on your management team, your business partner(s) and friends and family to join you.

We look forward to seeing you at the event.

Eroca Lowe, Founder, Accelerated Outcomes