Spring Design Workday...Catch the Momentum

In spring there is a natural energy shift from the inertia of winter hibernation to an explosion of new growth. Trees are leafing out, flowers are blooming, birds are nesting and everywhere you look it’s green and verdant. The Spring Design Workday will support you in harnessing the current natural growth cycle for your business. 

The Workday is for business professionals, small to mid-sized business owners and people actively engaged in growing and expanding their businesses and projects. If you are:

  • not satisfied with the progress you’re making given the amout of time, work and resources you are putting into it,
  • buried in work, 
  • and you realize you need a different approach over the next 90-days,

The Spring Design Workday will help you.

From my personal experience of working with business owners and independent professionals over the last 25 years, I’ve found that as they moved from falling short to succeeding, 30 to 35% of what they were doing was not contributing to their success.

People make decisions on the fly. The normal pattern is to try to work faster, work longer, find shortcuts and take on more and more in the hope of succeeding. Even worse, when people seriously try to get it all done, unaware that their expectations are beyond their capacity to achieve, they’ve taken on an impossible task.

In his 1999, Harvard Business Review article, “Managing Oneself”, Peter Drucker talks about how great achievers have always managed themselves. In the article, he states: 

  1. “…You cannot build performance on weakness and can only perform well from your strengths"   
  2. “…Most people are usually wrong about knowing their strengths…."
  3. "...The only access to knowing our strengths is from feedback analysis"
  4. "…Accurate feedback comes from setting a plan and goals.”

The Spring Design Workday challenges you to take a hard look at what you are currently working on. By doing a quick review of your strengths and weaknesses, you will be able to recognize that you’re probably not working on the right things each day and week for the goals you have set. 

Without a clearly defined plan for your growth and expansion, it is impossible for you to know the right actions and  activities. How do you Determine what part of the “everything that you are trying to accomplish” is absolutely necessary for what you are building? 

Question: How Do You Answer This?
Answer: Design A Clear And Concise 90-Day Plan That Is Based On Your Goals For This Year.

Ninety days is close enough to keep you actively focused and working on your priorities, reducing the urge to put it off and delay. The Spring Design Workday is a foundational piece of work, designed for my clients so they would know specifically what they wanted, have a chance to condition and scale their goals for success and design clear specific action plans. The principles and guidlines in the Spring Design Workday have been the key ingredient for their success.

During The Workday You Will Not:

  • Be left on your own to figure out how to shift from the larger vision of your life to designing achievable and significant goals.
  • Design goals that you cannot achieve.  You will work through a  special exercise in teams to scale your goals for success.        

During The Workday You Will:

  1. DESIGN achievable and inspiring goals for the next 90 days, which will become vital building blocks for your future objectives.
  2. DEVELOP a plan of the critical activities required to yield better business results and achieve projects.
  3. LEARN to condition your goals so you don’t get lost in overwhelm and avoid the pitfalls of setting unrealistic expectations.
  4.  ADD motivation, balance and a feeling of fulfillment to your work. 


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Where Do We Start?

We all know that we cannot move forward and make real progress if we don't know our current position. One of the first things we do in the work day is take stock of the progress we've made so far this year. This has two purposes: first. we establish a more accurate understanding of our current situation with regards to the progress we each want.  Second, we will understand more fully the progress we've already made, which will build our courage to take on bigger challenges n the future.

How do we move forward?

Everyone has expectations about what they can achieve.  It's part of being human to have expectations. The problem is that life rarely meets our expectations, as it is with setting and achieving our goals. It's better to address the expectations before moving on because they will pop up again and interfere with our progress. In the Workday there is a short process in which you can easily come to terms with any unfulfilled expectations.

How do we ensure success?

If we take the time to set goals we certainly want to achieve them. How do we realistically increase the likelihood of success?  Scaling and conditioning.  Scaling is identifying the amount or degree of the goal that can be achieved within the time allowed.  Conditioning a goal requires careful examination of the important resources required to succeed in achieving the goals. We devote the final third of the Workday, using a unique set of tools, to scale and condition each individual goal. 

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We stand firmly behind our programs.  WE KNOW this program has the potential for preparing you for a spectacular 2015.  But, just in case you don't agree, you have until lunch time on the workday to decide if this is for you.  Just let us know and we'll refund your investment.

What people are saying about the Workday...

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