Ongoing impressive results.

The 2 Overlooked and Undervalued Principles for Impressive Results

  • Are you too impatient to spend the time to determine if what you are working on will get you to the end point of achieving your goals and plans?
  • Are you allocating large amounts of energy, time and/or money (which are limited) without first clearly and specifically defining what you want to achieve? 
  • Are you neglecting to define the necessary resources before you dive in and go to work?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions, you are not alone. It's become very common today to succumb to  the pressure of working on the most urgent and pressing matters. Sometimes you must act quickly. However, if it becomes your style or work habit you will end up depleting the critical resources you need to build your company.

Most of us have a high tolerance for being unclear or vague about what we are building. We even tolerate lack of clarity in the areas that are most important to us. In this article, you will discover why having a high degree of  clarity is so critically important to business success and growth. We will examine what is meant by clarity and forethought, how busy-ness and confusion interrupts productivity and why these tools are imperative for your success.

1). What are Clarity and Forethought?

  • Clarity is defined as a quality or state of being clear, lucidity.  Clear means easy to perceive, understand or interpret, having no doubt or confusion.
  • Forethought is thinking or planning out in advance, a careful consideration of what will be necessary or may happen in the future.  

Both clarity and forethought have many levels. They require understanding your goals and your larger intentions in your business and life with a high degree of precision. They require focus and concentration.


Forethought is about taking time to determine the direction you want to go and where you want to end up.  In the drive to "be in action" and "have results" many of us overlook the immense power of forethought.  It you've done the work to powerfully design objectives and goals you can begin work on them without confusion or doubt. If you don't, it's another story.

Some of us are impatient or feel pressured by the demands of the day and go directly to work on today's list. When we wake each morning and it’s time to go to work we naturally focus on what’s urgent for today or what’s left over from yesterday. We assume that’s the best use of our time and energy - however, it might not be. What you achieve this week is the building block for what you will achieve this month, which feeds into the quarter, and that feeds into the end of the year. So this week has a direct relationship to your year end-results and we are mostly unaware of that fact.

 It is far easier to reach your destination if you know which port you are sailing to when you set sail. 

Watch this video to learn more about clarity and it's power.


Questions to Answer

  1. Do you have a way to figure out the true priorities to work on each day?

  2. Do you plan your major accomplishments at the beginning of each week?

  3. How often do you review your goals to determine if you are on track?

If you discover in your answers to these question that you don't have reliable tools to establish priorities, weekly accomplishments or whether you are on track with your goals, this is our area of expertise and we can help you.

If you're interested in learning more about how to plan out your week for optimum productivity and how to stay on track with your goals over time, check out our 2015 Design Workdays on January 17th in Marin and January 24th in the Peninsula. If you cannot make it to the event please call or email us. We can help.


2). Busy-ness, Confusion (UnClarity) -- Yes, We Go There Regularly.

Busy-ness, confusion and unclarity by themselves are not problems. They become problems when you want to be highly productive and achieve great things. It's curious to note the way that most of us work with some degree of not knowing how it's going to turn out. We just go with the flow and don't make the time to figure out if that's where we want to go. We can hang out in a fog for quite a while. We can go through a day or a week and not even know why we are working on the things we are working on.

Sometimes the confusion and unclarity extend to critical areas in our business and life. Figuratively speaking we put a bag over our heads. We refuse to face what’s really happening. And, as you can imagine, things don't go well.  

The areas where you go to work, where you use your energy and fire are where you build results.  How often are you confused today by what you planned yesterday? Do the priorities seem to change overnight? Without a clear plan, your energy and fire will be used on the most urgent items and whatever else comes along. Often you’ll have results in areas that are outside of your priorities.  And, sometimes, aren't the things you've worked on the hardest, in fact other people’s priorities, not yours?  Occasionally, you will have a day where not much gets accomplished at all.

WATCH THE VIDEO to learn more about how busy-ness, confusion and unclarity quietly sabotage our goals.

There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all. Peter Drucker

Questions to Answer:

  1. What activities are keeping you busy that might not be important or critical to your business success?

  2. Where is confusion hindering your effectiveness and productivity?

  3. Where have you set out on a course of action being unclear about the end point?

  4. Do you have a way to pick up the pieces / recover from major interruptions and distractions?

  5. Are you reviewing your goals as a way to determine your true priorities?

If your answers to these questions reveal that you don't have clarity about your objectives and goals, don't worry. You can attend one of the upcoming 2015 Design Workdays on January 17th in Marin and January 24th in the Peninsula. If you cannot make it to the event please call or email us. We can help.


3. Appropriate allocation of resources can make or break a project.

Man 4.png

Whenever we begin a new project or challenge it's achievement is not only dependent on our level of clarity and forethought but also the resources we bring to it. If you give some forethought to the resources needed you will have a higher probability of success. Resources may be defined as:

  • a stock or supply of money, materials, staff, and other assets that can be drawn on by a person or organization in order to function effectively,

  • an action or strategy that may be adopted in any circumstance, the ability to find quick and clever ways to overcome difficulties,
  • the possibility of aid or assistance.

When you are planning your projects and goals these are the resources to consider: 

  1. Sufficient time allocated - in general, we grossly underestimate the amount of time most things take which is why time is the most important resource.
  2. Necessary information and tools - we often start out on a major project or goal without researching key facts or getting the necessary tools to succeed.
  3. Planning out the phases and steps of an objective - it's normal to dive in and plough ahead without taking the time to distinguish individual steps or phases required to meet the due date.
  4. Support and guidance from others - as an entrepreneur we are independent thinkers and don't often ask for the help we need.  You personally might need this and don't know it.
  5. Designing and building a team to fulfill the plan - some projects or goals need a team to execute the plan. Teams must be built with the right people on them to have a victory. 

Questions to Answer:

  1. Do you take the time to identify the necessary resources before you begin?

  2. Do you have a weekly or daily check-in to review progress against your timeline?

  3. Do you ask for help or feedback from others on a regular basis?


If you need help resourcing your projects and objectives this is another area of our expertise. You can attend one of the upcoming 2015 Design Workdays on January 17th in Marin and January 24th in the Peninsula. If you cannot make it to the event please call or email us. We can help.