Because you have previously attended a Design Workday this Page is especially for you.

As you know, this is the day when you could...

  • Stop being busy with everything in life 
  • Carefully consider what’s really important to you 
  • Create new challenges to achieve your aspirations and
  • CHOOSE specifically what your business, your projects and your life will be about in 2015.

It’s time to clear out the cobwebs, get INSPIRED and get MOTIVATED  about your life and the direction you’re taking. It’s time to get a FRESH perspective as to where you want to be down the road, take all the useful things you learned from last year and craft some powerful business-growth, career-growth and life-fulfilling goals for 2015.

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The workday is a unique design process that has been honed and developed over the last 8 years. It has improved year after year, incorporating client feedback to become an exceptionally powerful day. We can promise that if you attend, your next three months will be entirely different from what it would be without it. Not only will you achieve more this year, you will know, without a doubt, that you are on track and guided by your vision of the future. 



Full Tuition is $298.
Sign Up Bonus, $100 OFF
ends Saturday, January 10th.
Type in location Marin or Peninsula.


During the Workday You Will:

  1. IDENTIFY the crucial activities needed to achieve your objectives on or ahead of schedule, and yield better business results. 
  2. DESIGN achievable and inspiring goals for the year, which will become critical building blocks for your future objectives.
  3. LEARN how to scale and condition your goals so you don’t get lost in overwhelm and you can avoid the pitfalls of setting unrealistic expectations.
  4. PLAN a course of action for surpassing your expectations in 2015.
  5. ADD motivation, balance and a feeling of fulfillment to your work. 
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New in 2015

In addition to the full process of design, you will receive a newly designed, unique set of tools so you can clearly recognize what to focus on and where to start. 

Watch the video below to see what people are saying about the Workday...

Where do we start?

We all know that we cannot move forward and make real progress if we don't know our current position. One of the first things we do in the work day is take stock of the progress we've made so far this year. This has two purposes: first. we establish a more accurate understanding of our current situation with regards to the progress we each want.  Second, we will understand more fully the progress we've already made, which will build our courage to take on bigger challenges n the future.

How do we move forward?

Everyone has expectations about what they can achieve.  It's part of being human to have expectations. The problem is that life rarely meets our expectations, as it is with setting and achieving our goals. It's better to address the expectations before moving on because they will pop up again and interfere with our progress. In the Workday there is a short process in which you can easily come to terms with any unfulfilled expectations.

How do we ensure success?

Full Tuition is $298.
Sign-Up Bonus of $100 off
ends Saturday, January 10th.
Type in location Marin or Peninsula.

If we take the time to set goals we certainly want to achieve them. How do we realistically increase the likelihood of success?  Scaling and conditioning.  Scaling is identifying the amount or degree of the goal that can be achieved within the time allowed.  Conditioning a goal requires careful examination of the important resources required to succeed in achieving the goals. We devote the final third of the Workday, using a unique set of tools, to scale and condition each individual goal. 

You're protected by our 100% Guarantee.  

We stand firmly behind our programs.  WE KNOW this program has the potential for preparing you for a spectacular 2015.  But, just in case you don't agree, you have until lunch time on the workday to decide if this is for you.  Just let us know and we'll refund your investment.

What people are saying about the Workday...

As A Thank You For Signing Up Early you will receive: 

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Full Tuition is $298.
Sign-Up Bonus of $100 off,
ends Saturday, January 10th.
Type in location Marin or Peninsula.