Gaining Momentum...

Heading for bigger Results

Begins February  25th, 2016

The Gaining Momentum program is designed to continue the work done in the Design Sessions. Regardless of whether or not you've been able to participate in a 2016 Design Session, the information of this program will be valuable in your business and for your projects.

In the Design Session you will have identified the aspirations and ambitions you have for your life. You narrowed your focus to three key areas for the next six months. You designed inspiring goals and you resourced them for success. You wrote up an action plan and you know where to begin. 

Gaining Momentum is a dynamic five-month program designed specifically to guide you in implementing your design and action plans. How many times have you designed something you wanted and then ended up setting it aside to deal with the busyness of daily life? You realize a month or two later that nothing has moved forward on your goals and you can feel discouraged. If you act now, there is a much higher probability of succeeding with your goals. In my opinion, we are not meant to struggle in life,  yet we often do. In working with my clients, I've found that having a clear plan for each week, based in what's needed to achieve our goals, it's much easier to make real and solid progress.

When Gaining Momentum begins in February, you will be at work on your plan. This program will teach you how to work with clarity and focus rather than slogging through and having to work hard. You will know with certainty that you are giving the most important resource of your time to the right priorities. The program provides strong guidance with a light touch because we all have overly full lives.

If you are committed to achieving the plans you've designed, this is the program for you. 

What better way to be engaged in the adventure of achieving your goals?