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The Mid-Year Design Workday is a live event to take you deeper into the design process. It's not simply a goal design process, although you will have a clear set of goals for the second half of your year at the end of the event. It's about setting you up to have inspiring business and personal goals that give your life purpose and meaning. It's also about having a plan and goals that you CAN ACHIEVE and fit into your busy life.  And, it's about designing a set of exciting challenges that light you up and make you happy.

How do we ensure success?

If we take the time to set goals we certainly want to achieve them but how do we realistically increase the likelihood of success?  Scaling and conditioning.  Scaling is identifying the amount or degree of the goal that can be achieved within the time allowed.  Conditioning a goal requires careful examination of the important resources required to succeed in achieving the goals. We devote the final third of the Workday, using a unique set of tools, to scale and condition your goals.


Where do we start?

We all know that you cannot move forward and make real progress if you don't know your current position. One of the first things we do in the work day is take stock of the progress you've made so far this year. Doing this has two purposes.  First. you establish a more accurate understanding of your current situation with regards to the progress you want.  Second, you will understand more fully the progress you've already made this year which will build your courage to take on bigger challenges.

How do we clear the way to move forward?

Everyone has expectations about what they can achieve.  It's part of being human to have expectations. The problem is that life rarely meets our expectations, as it is with setting and achieving our goals. It's better to address the expectations before moving on because they will pop up again and interfere with our progress. In the Workday we have a short process where you can easily come to terms with any unfulfilled expectations. 

So when we ask the question...

What would you do to have the second half of 2014 surpass your expectations? 

This is what we have in mind.

If you are an Independent Business Professional and Small Business Owner who wants to

  •  Get real about what it's going to take to achieve the business growth you want
  •  Have this year be a critical building block for business and project goals 
  •  Make 2014 count for something BIG...

And you're challenged with

  1. Guiding your business in the right direction for the growth you want to have
  2. Staying focused on the high yield activities for your business and projects
  3. Keeping one step ahead of the demands of your business, clients and projects

Through a unique and reliable set of tools, our Mid-Year Design Workday allows you to

  •    Identify crucial and vital activities required to yield better business results and achieve projects ahead of schedule
  •    Clearly design a track for surpassing your expectations in 2014 and
  •    Add inspiration, motivation and fun to your work

Special Friend Tuition


What people are saying about the Workday...

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You're protected by our 100% Guarantee.  

We stand firmly behind our programs.  WE KNOW this program has the potential for preparing you for a spectacular second half of 2014.  But, just in case you don't agree, you have until lunch time on the event day to decide if this is for you.  Just let us know and we'll refund your investment.

What people are saying about the Workday...


Special Friend Tuition

In the Workday you will

1) Design achievable and inspiring goals for the second half of your year which will be critical building blocks for what you want in your business and life.

2) Learn how to scale and condition your plan so it doesn't get lost when life gets BUSY and you can avoid the pitfalls of unrealistic expectations.

New this year

In addition to the full process of design we will be giving you a unique set of tools so you're confident about what to focus on and where to start.  These tools will help you quickly identify high yield activities which will give you bigger results.


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The investment for the 2014 MID-YEAR DESIGN WORKDAY Live Event is $298.00.

As a Special Friend of someone who is already registered in the event, you will receive $200.00 off the full tuition.

Offer ends Monday, June 16th.  Your Tuition is $98.

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