If you want to SUCCEED in business today, you need to be on the charge.

You need to be INSPIRED and MOTIVATED.

You need the TOOLS, INFORMATION and SUPPORT...to consistently produce exceptional results.

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Attention independent business professionals and small business owners who want 

  • to meet and exceed your business objectives
  • to get re-inspired and re-motivated about building or expanding your business 
  • to master time-honored yet ignored work tools that are a critical element in expansion and the foundation for real world results.

Imagine seeing your business generate more revenue month after month. Your products, programs and services are selling more than ever.  Best of all, you’re on fire with the challenge.

Well, it’s very possible… 

And that’s where Eroca Lowe - the Impatient Entrepreneur’s Mentor - comes in.

We offer a variety of programs designed to help you wherever you are in building your business. Whether you need to design an inspired plan for your vision and business, establish solid performance that catapults your business into accelerated growth or ensure your continued success by stabilizing growth…we can help. 

Our work draws heavily on the performance principles Peter Drucker wrote about in his 1999, Harvard Business Review article, “Managing Oneself”.  Peter talks about how great achievers have always managed themselves and he says:

“…You cannot build performance on weakness and can only perform well from your strengths.   “…Most people are usually wrong about knowing their strengths….  “...The only access to knowing our strengths is from feedback analysis.“…Accurate feedback comes from setting a plan and goals” (an Inspired Plan). 

We believe that good guideance and getting the right feedback are the two most powerful tools for business owners to successfully grow their businesses.