There is a gap....

Whether or not you made formal plans or set goals, you have big ideas and hopes for the success of your business and projects this year. We all expect and anticipate success, but, how do we make sure it happens? 

There is a gap between where your business and projects are today and where you want them to be at year-end. How do you address this gap? Do you have a roll-out plan for your ideas and hopes that guarantees the year-end results you want? 

Personally, I can't believe it's mid-year already. I'm a bit concerned that I haven't paused long enough to determine if my hopes and ideas for success this year are going to turn out the way I've planned. How about you? Do you have this concern as well?  Do you see a gap?

If not, you might be too busy with day-to-day operations to even think about it and that is understandable. However, business experience shows that if you make a solid plan now and organize your resources to fit your plan you will have much stronger results later. 

Whether or not you feel the gap, I've found that the middle of the year is a unique time and opportunity to take a moment and effectively plan for year-end success. The year is not over yet and now is the time to design the roll-out that will ensure your success. The big question is, can you afford to not do this?

The Mid-Year Design Workday gives you the environment to easily do this process. In one day you will, design an achievable 90-day plan so you know where to start, allocate resources so you avoid unrealistic expectations and gain confidence in your plan.

Please join us for our live event in Marin on Saturday, July 11th or by webinar on Saturday, July 18th. Go to Be sure to invite your colleagues and friends to attend with you.