Are You Sufficiently Forward-Thinking and Future-Directed In Your Business?

As a business owner and entrepreneur, I find that being forward-thinking and future-directed gives me inspiration. I can get through difficult challenges with greater speed. My focus can become laser-sharp which causes my day-to-day operations to move much more quickly. Without allocating time for planning, I am neither forward-thinking nor future-directed. I must stop and give time to designing my future and goals. The Mid-Year Design Workday arose in response to my need for this design process.

In working with my clients, I have found that I’m not alone. Many business owners and professionals  are uncertain about their direction or haven’t taken the time to design a clear plan and goals. Others are caught up in the routine of their business or work. Still others have become bored, uninspired, or perhaps exhausted and overwhelmed. No matter where you are in the spectrum, these are easily fixable problems which can be solved through the process of intentional design.

One of my clients recently became aware that she had not specifically designed the future for her business. The company had relatively good income, however it's core strategy was way off-track and had no clear direction. By designing a new, inspiring future, new strategies have emerged, the owner has become fully empowered and the whole company is now aligned with the new design. There is a renewed enthusiasm throughout and they are on fire!

If you are going to give your life to your business and work, what are you going to do to make it fully worthwhile? The Mid-Year Design Workday is a day devoted to the process of future design. You will be able to match your commitments with what you want to build. You will be able to incorporate any important, new insights and perspectives that you’ve gained over time, that you might have forgotten into your new plan. You will also take into consideration any new resources that are available to you now, which you can use to become much more up-to-date in your business. The Mid-Year Design Workday will put you back on track so you and your business can operate at peak efficiency.

Please join us. Dates are July 11th in Marin, July 18th in San Bruno and also by webinar for people outside the San Francisco Bay Area. Early registration savings and more details are available at Be sure to invite your colleagues and friends to attend with you.