2nd Quarter has started...are you prepared?

Now that the 2nd quarter has started, I know that if I don’t do a re-design I will fall into revamping my original plan and think that will be sufficient to have me managing my company and projects in the most effective manner. I also believe that I will still be on track to make my year-end goals. However, I’ve made this mistake too many times! I have learned that there are so many changes, that occur in any three month period — not only for my business but also in the marketplace and for me personally — I need a new plan.

There is much to learn from the first quarter, in terms of what has changed in your business, with your customers and the progress you’ve made so far. In our Spring Design Webinar happening at the end of this month, we will examine the past three months for new insights and perspectives that will give you big indicators about the future. This new information is important and valuable for building the future you envision.

We will discover that what we've planned at the beginning of the year is no longer a viable foundation for the success we are out to achieve this year. We are unaware that so much has changed and we proceed with the old design as our starting point. We all want to be effective and not waste our time and resources. So it becomes quite necessary to have a fresh 90-day plan, ideally created in partnership with your team.

The Spring Design Webinar is the perfect opportunity for this process. We strongly recommend you not try doing a new design on your own. We invite you and your team to attend the Spring Design Webinar. In the webinar, you will create an in-depth design, guided by your future goals. You will have a concise actionable 90-day plan you can begin immediately.

Please join us...