Sneak Peak #1 - 2015 Design Workday

Four weeks from today will be January 1st and I’m already feeling the pressure of next year.  For me it’s a challenge to enjoy the Holidays and get ready for next year. The beginning of every year is always an important time for business. It’s when the major objectives, the company's direction, any changes in strategy and the allocation of resources are planned out for the year. When January starts, in the face of the demand to get back to work, this critical planning process is often poorly done or entirely overlooked.

My next set of blog posts will be “SNEAK PEAKS” of the 2015 Design Workday. Because I know most people won’t do this on their own, there will be snippets of the process for you as my gift.

However, a small warning, after 10 years, I’ve found that most people have difficulty designing this on their own.  My clients have told me that when they try to do this on their own. The group setting of the workday not only provides powerful feedback and encouragement, it also supports them in reaching beyond the limits of their own thinking.

Said simply, my clients have reported that it’s hard for them to create newly and not have their goals be a rehashing of last years failed goals and hard for them to reconnect with their aspiration and ambitions. It’s our aspirations and ambitions that connect us with the direction, purpose and meaningfulness of our lives. Staying optimistic in the process is key to turning our ambitions into action plans that deliver.  

Where to start…

Step One: Getting The Most Out Of Last Year…the purpose of this step is to review your accomplishments and short falls, strengths and weaknesses for the year, so you can learn, let go and powerfully move forward. The idea is to do a performance review for your business and the business strategy for 2014.

Step Two: What Are Your Business Aspirations? The year ahead is best viewed as a building block for the future you want for your business. You wouldn’t attempt to build a building without a set of plans and you wouldn’t sign off on a set of plans that didn’t fit your vision and aspirations. You must first spend time defining your long term aspirations and aligning your goals with them.

The biggest mistake we can make is to not do this process fully. Before your company closes for the Holidays, schedule your team to do this design work in January and you will have a much higher degree of success in 2015. Please take advantage of the early registration savings and sign up now.

Saturday, January 17th in Marin and Saturday, January 24th in San Bruno.

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