Sneak Peak #3 - 2015 Design Workday

The New Year begins on Thursday. I’m already starting to think about 2015.  I’m asking myself, what do I want my year to be about? And what I want to accomplish? I’m also beginning to review 2014 to see where I want to start with the New Year. 

When the New Year begins on Thursday, the real question is, how do YOU get ready for it?

Because it is a new beginning, not only for you personally but also for your business and projects, it’s a time when you can off-load those ideas and ambitions that aren’t really yours. There are also areas where you’ve fallen short that weigh heavily in your mind. It’s a time when you can close the door on all of that and design a new approach. 

How often do you approach the new year full of the best intentions and find yourself stuck in the same routine by February? Without focused, intentional and organized design work, the beginning of the year could likely be a continuation of last year's unfinished goals.

Here are Steps Four and Five in the Design Process,

which is the basis of the Design Workday. For the first three steps please see the earlier blog posts.

Step Four: Define specific goals and identify action steps for each one. Design concrete goals with measurable results and clear end dates. It’s these goals which will then direct your action steps. Be realistic. You want to create an attainable to-do list that will produce positive results.

Step 5. Allocate resources. Sit down with your team and work out a clear and concise plan, including strategies for accomplishing each action step, the rollout schedule and budget allotment. This is the make-it or break-it step that will define your success for the year, so plan carefully.

From my years of experience, many intelligent people don’t complete these two steps which is the fulcrum of the design. Be aware that it’s easy to short cut these last two vital steps. In the 2015 Design Workday we spend half of the day working out these challenging details and the momentum of the group makes it much, much easier to complete.

Don’t give up your dreams.

Come to the Design Workday and design your year to achieve them. If you are going to be in the San Francisco Bay Area, please join us for one of the 2015 Design Workdays. And, take advantage of the early registration savings by signing up now.  Saturday, January 17th in Marin and Saturday, January 24th in San Bruno.

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