Sneak Peak #2 - 2015 Design Workday

In three weeks it will be January. I can feel the Holiday activities pulling my time and attention and it’s difficult to stay focused on my business. I know when January hits, at best, I have one month to get my business on track for success.  If I’m not careful January will go by so quickly it is as though I have lost a month of the year before it even gets off the ground.  The point is, I need to start thinking now about key areas of focus for the year ahead. 

Will I actually take time over the Holidays to think about this? Probably not. The price we pay for not doing this step, is we find ourselves wasting the resources of our time and energy on the wrong priorities and we don't discover this until it’s too late. Identifying the key areas where we must focus for the growth and expansion we want, will  keep us from wasting precious resources on the wrong priorities. 

The following is Step Three in the Design Process which is the basis of the Design Workday. For Steps One and Two go to Sneak Peak #1- 2015 Design Workday.

Step Three: Identifying Key Areas of Focus. It’s human nature to take on way too much. And, it’s not possible to work on every thing.  When you think about the future viability of the business, you must identify the key areas that will absolutely move the company ahead this year.

One of our most important responsibilities for the year, is doing this well. In all the years of design workdays, this is where a group can have a major and positive impact by helping you reach beyond the limits of your perspective. Sharing with group members and hearing about their key areas of focus can provide inspiration and greater clarity about our own pursuits.

Please take advantage of the early registration savings and sign up now.  Saturday, January 17th in Marin and Saturday, January 24th in San Bruno.

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