Let’s Be Perfectly Clear…

Imagine if, after years of hard work and effort, you wound up being the most successful widget maker but upon reflection, you wished you had spent your life’s energy perfecting gizmos instead.

An exhaustive plan executed with the most efficient actions doesn’t amount to much if you’re climbing the wrong mountain.

Many of us end up on our mountaintop feeling empty wondering, “How did I get here?”

Lack of clarity (or ‘un-clarity’ as I call it) guided us there.

Let’s face it…

Most of us don’t wake up with true clarity. Sure, we know we may need that first cup of coffee to take the edge off and we need to dress and get to work. But for some of us, our larger goals and intentions can get lost in the dust of daily ‘busy work’.

Finding Your True Clarity

True Clarity ensures that our daily tasks steer us towards our longer-term goals. Are your actions serving your longer-term goals? If not, perhaps it’s time to reevaluate your efforts and goals to get them in synch.

Life is full of distractions and mistaken priorities but clarity helps reduce those diversions.

On the Wrong Mountaintop?

Congratulations! That realization is Step #1 on the road to clarity PLUS you’ve gained valuable experience along the way. Don’t let it go to waste – stop, evaluate, find clarity and move forward.

Do you have a habit or practice that helps you find (and maintain) your clarity? What is it?