The Art of Reflection – How to Stop Living in Your Disappointments.

When you look back on your year are you hard on yourself? 

Most entrepreneurs are. 

Maybe it’s because when we do look back the parts that stay with us the longest are the disappointments we experienced. 

Why do we hang on to our disappointments? 

There is a lot of psychology behind all this and this post is not meant to be therapy, but in terms of your business it can be helpful to understand what’s happening. 

I do a design component at my events addressing this very thing where people look at their past year and, without fail, everyone forgets or downplays their victories. 

How do you get an accurate perspective on past accomplishments? 

To shed some light and appreciate what you’ve achieved during the year ask yourself the following questions.

During the year: 

1. What were your major victories in your business?

2. What were your major victories in your personal life?

3. What achievement are you most proud of?

4. What was the biggest risk you took?

5. What new skills, perspectives or insights did you gain that will positively affect your


6. What important life lesson(s) did you gain?

7. Did you have a major setback(s)?  If yes, how did you handle it and what was the final


8. What progress or ground did you take towards the future you are building?

What makes you happy about last year? 

Your responses can help you realize the full richness of your accomplishments and the lasting meaning that it has in your life – meaning that you may have been overlooking.