Find out more about YOU... by answering 16 questions to wrap up your 2013!

There is still time to do this before January 1st.  When the New Year comes you won’t want to look back. Your focus will be on the year ahead. You would have missed this opportunity for 2013.

So here is why you should do this.

When you review your results for the year against your plan it gives you invaluable feedback about the areas of your strenghts.

In his 1999 Harvard Business Review article, “Managing Oneself”, Peter Drucker says that our performance will be strongest in the areas of our true strength. He says it’s a far better use of our time to work in those areas rather than trying to strengthen the areas of our weaknesses.

Peter goes on to say that many of us are wrong about the areas of our true strengths and that the only place where you can find those areas is through feedback analysis. You get this feedback by reviewing your performance and results at the end of the year against the plans you set at the start of the year.

By answering the sixteen questions in the downloadable file BELOW you will get some valuable feedback about the areas of your true strength.  Knowing this will help you perform better and have stronger results in 2014 and we all want that!