I Don’t Need a Vacation (from my Vacation)

Have you ever felt the need for recovery time from your vacation?

We’ve all been there.

According Expedia® most Americans don’t even bother taking all their vacation time.

“ The French take 30 days [vacation] Americans take 10.”   Full Article.

Even when people do take time off the survey suggests that many vacations turn into working vacations.

As the year comes to a close I’m committed to change that for myself.

I’ve just returned from vacation and I’m happy to report that, for the first time since I can remember I left work, at work.


This is the first vacation in memory that I feel more energized and in much better shape than when I left.

The difference?

No conferences. No courses. No schedule to see 12 cathedrals in 12 different cities in 12 days.

What I did do was walk on the beach with my husband, Kevin. In fact, we walked on the beach every morning at sunrise. Being next to the ocean watching the waves come in was a deeply nurturing and restful experience.

Don’t get me wrong – we were active – just not every day. On alternate days we went zip lining, snorkeling, horseback riding and sunset cruising. The physical activities forced us to get ‘out of our heads’. The days in between were spent at the beach with the waves – quiet and calm.

Now that I’m back home I feel ready to take on my work with new energy and enthusiasm.

I’m committed to scheduling at least one of these true vacations once every year.

Leaving work behind for a vacation sound daunting?

Start small. Try an afternoon ‘stay-cation’ that leaves work alone then work your way up to a full on vacation.

What’s your ideal ‘real’ vacation look like? What’s stopping you from taking it?