What’s ‘Flow’ (and Why You Should Care)?

Do you have an activity where you’re so focused you lose your sense of time? Where potential distractions roll off you like rainwater off a roof? If so, you’ve experienced flow.

Flow occurs when we maintain our focus and clarity despite the constant movement of life around us.

Simple enough. But what does that really mean?

To get a feel for flow think of life’s circumstances as a river. Now picture yourself in the middle of that river. Sometimes the currents (life circumstances) are so strong they threaten to pull you under.

When you loose your clarity and your intentionality you risk being disoriented and swept away. By standing in the middle of that river with firm footing and staying strong in your clarity and intentionality you’ll gain a great deal of personal power and momentum.

Getting distracted by the conditions around you can weaken your clarity, intentionality and, perhaps most importantly, your ability to create. But, if you have clarity and intentionality you can dance with life powerfully and maintain your footing, your center.

The real trick comes with getting in the flow, drawing power from it, but not having it take you over – in other words, learning to “go with the flow.”

When life knocks us over once in a while it’s easy to loose clarity and intentionality. Result? Forward progress slows down. Or worse, it stops completely.

So the next time you feel like you’re about to lose your footing in the current, remember to seek your clarity and keep your intentions strong.

Have you recently lost your footing in your business? How is your current life circumstance affecting your clarity and intentionality in your business? What’s one thing you can change to get back your clarity?