The 3 Secrets of Great Achievement

What separates most people from the great achievers? Not that much…

Great achievers are highly skilled in 3 dimensions; True Clarity, Intention and Flow

  • TRUE CLARITY - knowing yourself at a very deep level so that you know what you really want on an ongoing basis. Having clarity seems simple but it requires a high degree of focus and attention.  It's so much easier and comfortable to work and live and in a state of un-clarity but the results will reflect that lack of focus. 
  •  INTENTION - is all about expressing yourself and what you want in your business and life. Intentionality is most easily seen when someone is fired up about a project or goal. They wake up in the morning and are unstoppable. It’s a kind of determination that comes from within. Sometimes we loose the fire. We loose the inspiration. Intention is something to be reignited on a regular basis.  

There is a special relationship between intentionality and clarity. If you add intentionality to a project that lacks clarity you can end up with a confused mess.

However, when you have real clarity and you have a specific intention, you’ll amass enthusiasm, energy and the drive – all necessary elements to take you through the difficult parts. 

  • FLOW - being synchronized and aligned with the movement of life around you without loosing your focus and clarity.  

Life’s challenges will come along and threaten to knock you off your stride. Developing your skills of clarity, intentionality and flow so they become a natural, functioning part of your life can help keep you on your path – and give you a reason to moving forward. 

Are you on track with your Clarity, Intention and Flow? How do you get back on track when you encounter difficult circumstances?