Plan? What Plan?

After a good night’s sleep, most of us start the day with a full battery of energy and intentionality.

What happens if you have a vague (or no) plan of what you wish to achieve by the end of the day?

Of course work will get done but without a plan, long-term priorities get overshadowed by the ‘squeaky wheel’ of the moment.

Without a clear plan consider you’ll achieve:

1) results mostly outside of your priorities or

2) other people’s priorities or

3) a lack of clear results.  

The bottom line is, successful performance STARTS with having a plan. What I call an Inspired Plan.

Very few people take the time to “scale” their plans to ensure success.

Consider that most people:

  • Don't review the previous week (month's, year) to determine their true strengths and weaknesses - they often carry on trying to achieve in areas they are weakest - basially they operate in their blind spots.   
  • Don’t design a plan for the year that’s anchored in their personal destiny or true ‘Calling’.
  • Waste a lot of time and energy working only on the tasks that are right in front of us - the 'squeaky wheel' of the moment rather than focusing on critical activities that are essential in reaching our stated goals.   

Don’t fall into the trap I see so many solopreneurs falling into – starting the year with great gusto only to fall short.

Ask yourself…

Do I have sufficient planning time allotted so I know (and feel) that my progress today and this week is impacting my results for the year? Do I have the resources (tools, information and support) to set the stage for my planning to be brilliant? What would be one action I could take right now to ensure a great plan?