Enjoy the Holidays BUT don't overlook what you must do in the new year

Each of us has aspirations for our lives. Some you may have had since you were young and some may be more recent.  There are more business opportunities now, more ways to contribute and volunteer to help others and more travel adventures to go on than ever before.  

And we have greater expectations of ourselves than ever before. 

Each of us wants to find our own unique way to thrive and make a difference in the world.  Your plans for 2013 need to be guided by the larger intentions you have for your business and your life.  Spend time at the end of December or in January making a plan for the year and setting some goals. There are many programs designed to guide you through the goal setting process.  

Enjoy the December holiday season with family and friends BUT don't overlook the critical step of desinging your new year.  Give yourself a chance to achieve those things you really want in 2013.