Are You Leading With Both The Rough End And The Sweet End?

Leadership is something the business owner MUST provide.  Your employes are not your friends even though you may have a close relationship with them.  They are not just employees to do the work either.   People love a challenge.  We bring our creativity, innovation and hard work to the party when we are uplifted and inspired by the leadership. To have a dynamic company you must provide real leadership. 

Leadership has two ends to it; one is rough and the other is sweet.  The rough end is where you set the bar high, demand a lot, set high expectations and give them a big challenge.  Your employees, colleagues and clients will respect and admire you if you set the bar high and stick to it.  

You must also provide the sweet end.  Let them know this is something big you want to be part of and it’s worth giving your life to.  It’s about helping people and communities and it’s making a difference in the world in a real and tangible way. 

However, if you only provide the rough end, they will be productive but also suffer.  Who doesn’t dislike, gossip about and undermine a tough uncaring task master?  If you only provide  the sweet end, they will be uplifted and inspired but not focused and productive.  You must provide both.