The Marketing and Sales Book that Changed Everything

My library is filled with many top name books on marketing and sales, some I’ve read in detail and got many good tips and ideas others I’ve skimmed through.  It wasn’t until in 2009 when I found Renvoise and Morin’s book, Neuro-Marketing that everything changed.  Not only did I read the entire book in about 45 minutes, it had shocking content I’d not seen anywhere else.   

Said very simply, no matter how fancy, tricky or elaborate your marketing and sales are, it is the OLD brain that makes the decision to buy.  What is so staggering about that you ask?  Here it comes.  There are only 6 stimuli that reach our reptilian (old) brain and mostly we don’t know what they are.   

If you don’t know these 6 stimuli your marketing and sales efforts fail to activate the part of our brain that says, “yes, I want that”.   Ladies, when you go shopping, sometimes you see a pair of shoes  and you know in an instant you must have them.   And, almost regardless of prices you will go home with those shoes.  It’s the same for all of us.  The decision to buy is quick and mostly irreversible.

Alright, now that I have your ear, here are the 6 stimuli.  But, I recommend you click on this  Amazon link and get a copy of the book.  Read it and read it again.  It will be the best time you’ve ever spent understanding marketing and sales. 

This is what the old brain responds to:

1. Contrast as in before/after, risky/safe, and with/without.   Without vivid contrast the old brain becomes confused and resulting in a delayed decision or no decision.

2. Tangible Input - it is constantly scanning for what is familiar and friendly, concrete and immutable, and recognizable. 

3. It’s Self-centered - it will respond to anything pertaining to self.

4. The beginning and the end–the old brain engages in openings and finales and will go into a resting state during the middle section and not hear what you are saying.

5. Visual stimuli –the optic nerve is 40 times faster than the auditory nerve.

6. Emotions ~ will trigger the old brain.