A new way to launch your year

After having several weeks away from my business and having lots of fun with family and friends over the Holidays I find it hard to get back to business.   The Holidays are over and it's time to face the new year.

Yikes!  Some years, I haven't FULLY started the year until the second or third week of January.  I've used those first few weeks to get myself started and figure out what the new year is going to be about.  

There's no problem doing it this way, however I've found a new way of launching my year, which I really like.  It involves wrapping up the year and planning the next before I get into the Holidays. Yes, before the Holidays!  

I find when I do this I'm more at peace over the Holidays and can fully relax and enjoy my time knowing I'm ready to hit the ground running the first week in January with my Strategic Plan already done.