3 Critical Skills Every Great Achiever Masters

Great achievers are highly skilled in 3 Areas; true clarity, intentionality and flow. 

If you don't have a deep level of clarity about what you are building...what you are up to, you will give your time and energy to the wrong things.  You really have no choice.  If you have lost your "fire", your intention, it will feel as though you are pushing a huge rock up a hill.  You will be unhappy and grumpy.  And, if you get lost in the "flow" of life, the circumstances around you, you will lose your clarity and intentionality.  So, gaining a strong access to these three interconnecting dimensions will be pivotal to your success. Every great achiever devotes time to mastering them.

You too, can develop skills in these three dimensions and they can become a natural and functioning part of your life. You can develop the skill of recognizing when you've lost your clarity and regain it.  You can develop the skill of reignighting your intention when it has faded.  And, you can develop the skill for staying focused when the circumstances of life take you over. Circumstances will come along, they are unpredictable and unknown.  You cannot control them and they can really throw you off balance. It's definitely worth the time it takes to build your skill level in each of these dimensions. 

  • TRUE CLARITY is knowing what you want and knowing yourself at a very deep level on an ongoing basis.  Although having clarity might seem simple it requires a high degree of focus and attention.  It's so much easier and comfortable to work and live and in a state of unclarity.
  • INTENTIONALITY is all about you expressing yourself and what you want in your business and life. Intentionality is most easily seen when someone is on fire about a project or something they’re working on. They wake up in the morning and they are unstoppable. It’s a kind of determination that comes from within. Sometimes we loose the fire. We loose the inspiration. They must be reignited on a regular basis. 

There is a special relationship between intentionality and clarity. If you add intentionality to a project that lacks clarity, real clarity, you can end up with a confused mess. However, when you have real clarity and you have a specific intention, you will amass enthusiasm, energy and fire around it which is the necessary fuel you need to get through the difficult parts. 

  • FLOW is being coordinated with and aligned with the movement of life around you without loosing your focus and clarity. What does that mean? To get a feel for flow think of life as a river (the circumstances and conditions around you) and you are in the middle of that river. Sometimes the current is so strong it pulls you under as do the circumstances of life. If you can stand in the middle of the river and stay strong in your clarity and intentionality you will gain a great deal of personal power and momentum. If you loose your clarity you end up being disoriented and lost. If you loose your intentionality you will also get disoriented and lost. Getting distracted by the circumstances and conditions around you can weaken your clarity, intentionality and your ability to create. But, if you have both clarity and intentionality then you can dance with life powerfully and you don’t loose your center. It’s about getting in the flow, drawing power from it but not having it take you over.