Get into the Design Zone And Make Something BIG Happen This Year!

Your Next Six Months Will Be Entirely Different As A Result Of The Design Session. Not Only Will You Achieve More By The End Of This Year, You Will Know Without A Doubt That You Are Guided By Your Vision Of The Future.

We all have commitments for our lives and we spend all of our time working on them. However, sometimes life itself simply gets in our way and we fail to make the progress we really want. The power of the Design Session lies in actually articulating and planning the fulfillment of those commitments through the next year.

If you Are an Independent Business Professional and/or a Small Business Owner who wants to:

  1. Get real about what it's going to take to achieve the business growth you want
  2. Have this year be a critical building block for business and project goals

 And you're challenged with:

  • Guiding your business in the right direction for the growth you want to have
  • Staying focused on the high yield activities for your business and projects
  • Keeping one step ahead of the demands of your business, clients and projects
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The Design Session Follows A Unique Design Process That Has Been Honed And Developed Over The Last 10 Years. It Has Improved Year After Year Incorporating Client Feedback To Become An Exceptionally Powerful Event.


In The Design session You Will

Registration $148

  1. Design an achievable 90-day plan so you know where to start working to achieve your year-end goals.
  2. Allocate your resources so you avoid disappointment and unrealistic expectations.
  3. Gain valuable insight and perspective from fellow participants to make your plan more achievable and fun.


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The investment for the two-Part 2016 DESIGN SESSION is $248.00.

Early Registration Savings of $100.00 ends MONDAY, January 25th. 

You're Protected By Our 100% Guarantee.  


We stand firmly behind our programs.  WE KNOW this program has the potential for preparing you for a spectacular 2016.  But, just in case you don't agree, you have until lunch time on the event day to decide if this is for you.  Just let us know and we'll refund your investment.


Registration $148